A Breakthrough Drug Treating Parkinson’s Disease.

Our scientific team has evaluated more than 120 potential treatments for Parkinson’s disease, and MSDC-0160 offers the genuine prospect of being a breakthrough that could make a significant and permanent impact on people’s lives in the near future. We are working tirelessly to move this drug into human trials as quickly as possible in our pursuit of a cure. ~ Tom Isaacs, co-founder of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

A drug created to treat Type-2 diabetes has been found to target the underlying cause of Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease develops slowly by attacking the central nervous system. Approximately 60,000 Americans and 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year. Currently, the drugs available to treat Parkinson’s only reduce the symptoms. There is no drug on the market that offers a cure or halts the progression of the disease.

Until now…

MSDC-0160 is an mTOT modulator (mitochondrial target of thiazolidinediones) designed by Kalamazoo (a Metabolic Solutions Development Company). The drug was originally created as an insulin sensitizer to treat Type-2 diabetes. Kalamazoo’s mission is to find other uses for a drug’s initial purpose, which they did. Recent trials in the mouse model of Parkinson’s, proved effective treatment of the origination of the disease. Human trials are scheduled for next year.

Although diabetes and Parkinson’s appear to be different diseases, the researchers discovered that the underlying molecular mechanisms of these two diseases share many similarities. MSDC-0160 interrupts the metabolic processes underlying Parkinson’s. According to the author, the once-a-day tablet “regulates the functioning of the mitochondria and restores the brain cells’ ability to convert nutrients to usable energy.”

Once the cell has been restored, it is able to fulfill its purpose by dispelling the buildup of harmful proteins, which reduces inflammation and prevents brain cell death. This is a breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease; MSDC-0610 may have the potential to connect with the source of this disease and eradicate it.

Dr. Patrik Brundin (senior author) is optimistic that MSDC-0160 will be used to treat other diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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