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How To Practice Mindfulness – 5 Simple Tips

You can cultivate your mindfulness. Here are 5 tips to find success with your mindfulness practice, whether you are new to mindfulness or someone who has been experiencing some hiccups in your practice.

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Emotional Eating By Children is a Learned Behavior, Not Inherited.

**This article was first published on BBC News.   Children who eat more or less when stressed or upset have learned the behaviour rather than inherited it, a study suggests. A study by University College London found home environment was the main cause of emotional...

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What is the Value of the Doctor-Patient Relationship?

**This article was first published in the New York Times.  By Kim Tingley In October 2014, my father was startled to receive a letter announcing the retirement, in a month’s time, of our family physician. Both he and his doctor were in their late 60s by then, and...

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Can Changes in Lifestyle Remove Plaque in Your Arteries?

***This article was first published in the New York Times by Richard Klasco, M.D.    Q. Is it possible to remove plaques in your aorta or reduce their size through changes in diet or lifestyle?   A. Yes, lifestyle changes, including diet, smoking cessation, stress...

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4 Tips to Reduce the Risk of UTI in Women

More than 50% of women will have at least one UTI in their lifetime. Most uncomplicated UTIs in adult women can be quickly and easily treated via virtual care. In fact, UTIs are one of our most commonly diagnosed and treated conditions. *This article was first published on Froedtert & MCW Virtual Clinic’s Blog.

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Get Your Vitamins From Food Instead Of A Pill.

Vitamin and mineral supplements from a bottle simply can’t match all the biologically active compounds teeming in a well-stocked pantry. *First published in Harvard’s Healthbeat

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