Hospital Medicine

Having started as a Hospitalist group, our core-competence remains in providing high quality internal medicine services in the Acute-Care setting.

We follow a two-pronged strategy when it comes to hospital medicine:

We collaborate with Hospitals to develop effective hospitalist programs geared towards achieving high standards of quality, clinical efficiency and financial performance. Our breadth of experience in hospital based medicine has enabled us to develop tools and practices designed to address both the common success factors and the specific nuances of a successful hospitalist program.

We establish seamless partnerships with Primary Care and Specialist physicians in order to provide continuity of care to patients throughout the healthcare delivery spectrum. By working closely with community physicians for over seven years, we have developed specific processes that enable groups of physicians to work collaboratively with each other to provide the highest quality care to patients.



We at 4C understand that in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, hospitals and physician groups need to work together to deliver on key quality metrics. By working collaboratively with our partner facilities, we are able to develop programs to effectively define, monitor and deliver on key performance metrics such as:

- Patient Satisfaction
- Length of Stay
- Avoidable Bed-Days
- CMS Core Measures
- Discharge planning and case management
- Timely and accurate documentation
- Readmission Rates and ‘Bounce Backs’

Following the concept of Continuous Improvement or ‘Kaizen’, we believe that commitment to quality is not a singular exercise, but a continuous process of incremental improvements brought about by a systematic feedback process. This approach allows us to develop programs that consistently deliver high quality care to our patients and provide better outcomes for the facilities we work with.

To partner with 4C or to learn more about our hospitalist programs, contact us or call 480-455-3002  

Primary Care & Hospitalist