How to Avoid Mosquito Bites.

According to the CDC, Zika virus is contracted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. The Zika virus remains a bit of a mystery, therefore, it’s vital to take precautions

It’s all about DEET and Picaridin. If you’re worried about chemicals on your skin, research and trials have found no evidence of adverse effects from recommended use DEET products. If you do want to go the natural route, lemon eucalyptus oil seems to do the trick, too. 

Did you know Aedes mosquitoes have a foot fetish? They love the smell of feet, so make sure to put on those shoes and socks. 

As comfortable as spandex are, they are mosquito attractors. The experts advise wearing loose fitting, long sleeved shirts and pants. Don’t forget to spritz your clothes with mosquito repellant as well. 

Aedes mosquitos are on the hunt mid-morning and early evening; try to stay indoors during those times. They also like to breed in environments with standing water. Take a look around your property and clear out any empty pots, trash cans or buckets. 

It’s all about prevention. We hope this helps you have a bite-free summer! 

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