Mission, Vision & Values



To improve the health and quality of life for our community of patients, physicians and employees.


Providing coordinated and integrated Primary Care across the healthcare delivery spectrum



THE 4C's



We believe that effective medicine requires an ongoing emphasis on communication; not just between the doctor and patient, but also with the patient’s family, the referring physicians, the hospital staff and the healthcare facilities where patients are cared for. We have developed systems to effectively exchange information between members of the healthcare team and bridge the inherent communication gap that exists when multiple doctors see patients at different times across various facilities.



Even the most skilled clinician can fall short if they lack compassion. All our physicians share this basic quality that makes a world of difference to the patient and how they feel. We take the time to sit down with the patient, share their worries and make them feel that we are cognizant of their discomfort and lack of control when they are in the healthcare system.



The is no substitute for competency when it comes to practicing medicine. We structure our compensation structure to attract and retain the best physicians. We design allowances and time off for physicians to continue their medical education and stay informed of the latest developments in their fields. We also encourage our physicians to recognize when they need guidance and call on consultants when required.



We pride ourselves on our family-style work culture and the camaraderie shared between the members of our team. All our members share a mutual respect and are always willing to help out when there is need. We encourage our physicians to get to know each other outside work and enjoy mutual interests. This not only fosters friendships, but also helps physicians become more effective at providing the highest level of care to the patient.

Primary Care & Hospitalist