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Integrated Healthcare: Our Story

We’re proud to tell you that 4C Medical Group has joined the Optum family and that our name has changed to Optum. Just like 4C Medical Group, Optum strives to make health care simpler and help people feel their best. Under 4C, we’ve served the community for over 20 years as a primary care driven healthcare delivery network that provides care in acute, post-acute, and ambulatory care settings. As part of Optum, we’ll take the next step: We’ll make sure you get the care you need when you need it, at a cost you can afford. Optum is building the premier physician-driven and patient-centric healthcare organization in Arizona.

You don’t need to do anything. You’ll get the same great care from your doctor, clinic, and our network of providers. We’ll still accept your current insurance and copays. Read a letter from our CMO and President, Vishal Verma, about this exciting news.

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Our Mission

To improve the health and quality of life for our community of patients, clinicians and employees.

Our Vision

Providing coordinated and integrated care across the healthcare delivery spectrum.

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Our Founder

Dr. Vishal Chaurasia

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4C Medical Group was founded in 2002 by the late Dr. Vishal Chaurasia with a simple yet powerful idea of improving patient care through effective communication and collaboration between healthcare providers. With a goal of reducing fragmentation in care as patients move from one care-setting to another, we built our care delivery model around the idea of being able to follow patients no matter which care setting they were in while keeping the patient’s primary care physician at the core of the care delivery system. With a mission of helping people live healthier lives and helping the health system work better for everyone, Optum is the leading provider of Value-Based care in the country. Together, as Optum, we are building the premier physician-driven and patient-centric healthcare organization in Arizona.

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