Pharmacogenomic Testing.

Pharmacogenomics is also known as, Drug-Gene Testing–the study of how genes affect the body’s response and reaction to medications.

Pharmacogenomic testing searches for variants in genes that decipher, whether a drug will have an adverse or therapeutic effect on a patient. Testing considers other factors as well: age, lifestyle and additional medications that may impact the efficacy of a potential medication. Pharmacogenomics allows doctors to create an individualized medication plan for their patients.

Through a swab of saliva or small blood draw, your doctor will be able to determine the right medication for you, including the appropriate dosage, while eliminating the risk of serious side effects. Testing is only required once per medication.

4C Medical Group will begin Pharmacogenomic testing in office next week.
For more information and to schedule your appointment, please contact us: (480) 455-3000

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