Nanni Bachenheimer, MD

Dr. Nanni Bachenheimer

Dr. Bachenheimer is a board-certified internal medicine physician. Dr. Bachenheimer’s training started with an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. She then attended MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine (now Drexel University SOM) in Philadelphia, PA and graduated from her residency training at the County hospital, MetroHealth in Cleveland, OH.

After completing her training, Dr. Bachenheimer worked in private practice for The Cleveland Clinic Foundation until she moved to Arizona. Upon arrival in Arizona, she learned the area, medical system, and network of physicians so that she was able to expertly run her individual practice.

Dr. Bachenheimer is comfortable treating all entities of Internal Medicine. However, she particularly enjoys working on hypertension control, preventive health management, and obesity education without the use of medications.

Personally, Dr. Bachenheimer is happily married. She has two rescue dogs and is passionate about the humane treatment of animals. She loves to run, exercise and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

The goal of Dr. Bachenheimer’s practice is to maintain great relationships with her patients and take care of them as if they are a part of her own family. She avoids medication whenever possible in hopes of using healthy alternatives. She enjoys working closely with patients to meet their needs and provide them answers when able. Dr. Bachenheimer believes everyone’s time is valuable and she has made running an on-time clinic a top priority.

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