Charlie Kung, MD

Shu Ting Kung, who goes by Charlie Kung, is born in Los Angeles, California. Parents decided to move back to Taiwan thus Dr. Kung grew up in Taiwan until age 18 which he attended college at University of Washington. After college graduation, Dr. Kung moved to California and was in financial business. After the 2008 financial crisis, Dr. Kung was laid off. He later went to VCU to obtain post-baccalaureate degree and was admitted to Wayne State University School of Medicine for his medical training. Dr. Kung matched at Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine at Scottsdale, AZ. After graduating from residency program, Dr. Kung joined 4C Medical Group. He now is part of 4C Family, currently situated at Mountain Vista Medical Center as a hospitalist/nocturnist. Dr. Kung likes to swim, meditate, and read.

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