Robert Stockman, PhD

Having experienced much of what war, spirituality, family, business, and academia has to offer, Dr. Stockman combines his experience and education to help support and guide others toward meeting life’s mental, psychological and emotional challenges. Our lives can be overwhelming at times, stressful, frustrating, angering, disappointing, frightening, depressing, sad, confusing and traumatic or just not seem to make any sense.  Whether you are dealing with aging, mid-life challenges, career stress, marriage and relationship issues, adolescent transitioning, or childhood development, Dr. Stockman’s non-judgmental, sincere approach will enable you to overcome obstacles and reach your potential and achieve your life’s goals.

As a general practitioner, Dr. Stockman designs treatment strategies that are tailored to recognize and respect individuality and uniqueness. He believes in a contextual model that takes into account the interplay between the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a person’s life. He practices cognitive, behavioral, and emotional therapies and techniques while recognizes the importance of establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, creating treatment expectations, goals, and actions necessary for symptom reduction and leading to a better quality of life.

In addition to his experience with depression, anxiety, stress, mood, and life adjustment issues in all their many forms; he has developed a number of specific areas of interest. These include, (1) the challenges facing aging generations, (2) finding meaning and purpose in one’s life, (3) the treatment of trauma in general (PTSD), (4) and marriage and family therapy.

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