Sub-Acute Care

We believe that the role of an inpatient physician is not just limited to caring for the patient in the hospital setting, but also coordinating care as the patient transitions from the hospital to the Skilled Nursing or Rehab facility.

The current healthcare delivery system is often fragmented in its approach, wherein a patient is often seen by a new physician or group every time they move from an acute care facility to a sub-acute care facility. Inefficient information exchange and lack of coordination between the different physicians taking care of the patient often leads to ineffective management of patient care; with many patients ending up back in the Emergency Room or the Hospital for the same or similar problems. At 4C, we understand the importance of coordinating patient care between acute and sub-acute facilities. Our proprietary Electronic Progress Notes system facilitates efficient information exchange between physicians at different facilities. We ensure that the patients discharged from a Hospital to a nearby Skilled Nursing Facility are cared for by the same physician or a member of the same team. We also try and make sure that the patient’s Primary Care Physician stays informed about the patients status and progress. This approach not only improves patient and physician satisfaction, but also facilitates better outcomes and more effective utilization ofresources.

Primary Care & Hospitalist