Wellness & Nutrition


“Shall we begin by the notion that all disease, at some point or other of its course, is more or less a reparative process”
– Florence Nightingale

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for our community of patients, physicians and employees. It often takes a village to care for an individual and our new integrated approach enhances your Primary Care experience by offering Wellness services such as Yoga, Nutrition and Massage Therapy

We believe that through consistent participation in our programs, you will experience positive effects physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your physician will work closely with our integrative specialists to ensure effective treatment of your illness and chronic condition.


Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. It is the most powerful source of prevention, used to lower the risk of disease, obesity and premature aging. A well balanced diet decreases inflammation, improves immunity, combats obesity and reduces symptoms of depression and stress.Proper nutrition is vital to the success of your medical treatment.

We offer nutrition education programs, meal planning and wellness counseling. Our nutritionist will consult with your doctor and integrative team to create an individualized wellness plan for you


Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue (muscles, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons). Massage is the perfect addition to your physical therapy, yoga therapy and medical treatment program. Your massage therapist will work with you and your medical team to find the right techniques suitable to soothe your condition. Regular massage therapy sessions reduce joint and muscle pain, increase circulation, promotes overall well being and calms stress and anxiety.


Yoga literally translated from Sanskrit means 'Union', and there are numerous studies that suggest that a regular practice of Yoga has long ranging health benefits. We offer daily yoga therapy programs for chronic conditions, lunch hour classes and private sessions. Our yoga specialist will consult with your doctor to create a safe program tailor made to treat your condition. Please visit our Yoga Page for more information and pricing.

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