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A Diet & Lifestyle Plan To Tame Your Anxiety.

Dr. Pedre offers a comprehensive approach to treating anxiety: balancing sleep (eight hours of quality sleep each night), lowering stress levels (using meditation and deep breathing), increasing exercise (yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), improving nutrition and gut health.

Tips For Protecting Yourself During Allergy Season.

When allergens (pollen) are airborne and make contact with your nostrils, the body can overreact.

Eight Ways Sugar Affects Your Body.

We know sugar is not good for us, but how does it affect our bodies? Here are eight ways sugar impacts our systems:

Making Friends with Body Fat.

Instead of waging war against all body fat, we need to learn how to discern between good fat and bad fat, and sustain a healthy amount of good fat to protect our wellbeing.

Is Antibiotic Resistance Preventable?

What can you do to help prevent this disaster and maintain the efficacy of antibiotics?

A New Year’s Resolution: Makeover Your Microbiome.

Trillions of microbial cells inhabit the human body. In fact, they outnumber human cells by 10 to one. A wide variety of intestinal microbiota help us process the nutrients in the foods we eat and stave off disease by boosting our immune systems.

A Breakthrough Drug Treating Parkinson’s Disease.

A drug created to treat Type-2 diabetes has been found to target the underlying cause of Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin D: The Disease Preventer

Vitamin D plays a bigger role in preventing and fighting disease than researchers once believed. It is estimated that 1 billion people have vitamin D deficiencies.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Signs & Symptoms.

There are two reasons for a Vitamin B12 deficiency: an individual is not consuming enough B12 to meet his or her needs, or he or she is unable to absorb enough despite how much he or she ingests.