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Emotional Eating By Children is a Learned Behavior, Not Inherited.

**This article was first published on BBC News.   Children who eat more or less when stressed or upset have learned the behaviour rather than inherited it, a study suggests. A study by University College London found home environment was the main cause of emotional eating. And this was due to parental behaviours including giving upset children their favourite food to

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The Importance of Doing Nothing & Just Being.

The potential in idleness for greater freedom seems worth the exploration. Or at least an attempt to think about what prevents us from truly doing nothing right now.

11 Personality Quizzes That Can Help You Determine Your Strengths

Being aware of ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses is the first step in the practice of mindfulness, and the foundation of healthy, loving and compassionate relationships. Here are 12 quizzes to help you understand yourself from the inside out: 

4 Things You Can Do That Will Make You Happy.

A recent article in Time magazine offers a glimpse inside our neural pathways, brain chemistry and behavior that orchestrate our state of happiness.

What is Stress?{Part One}

In Part One of our series on stress and anxiety, Dr. Robert Stockman, Ph.D., 4C Medical Group’s psychologist offers a comprehensive explanation of the origination of stress, its effects on the mind and body, and ways to cope and minimize its impact on our wellbeing.

How to Break Up with Your Phone.

How many people on their deathbeds do you think are going to say, “I wish I’d spent more time on Facebook”? Keep asking yourself the same question, again and again and again: This is your life. How much of it do you want to spend on your phone?

The 9 Types of Intelligence.

When you identify and hone your natural abilities, they develop into an expertise that will benefit the world.